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UFED Cellebrite Lifetine Activation is a lifetime activation for much more supported SAMSUNG models


Download Both Files and Extract on Same Folder
Then open second software loader and copy your hardware ID and Paste here.
Then you get your license info and just login and use software.
Without data lose code remove Brute force data extraction Tools Remove Password Without Losing Data Support All Device This Tools active for unlimited Information about tools Support model Samsung LG Huawei, ZTE, Lenovo, Motorola, HTC, Vivo, other brand active one pc reactive again free unlimited FRP ON : OEM ON Any Bit All supported and Tested 100% Working don’t support remote working
Support model testing %100 successfully Supported model for Samsung : Note 10 (N970F) Note 10 Plus (N975F) Note 9 (N960F-N960N) S10+ (G975F) S10 (G973F) S10E (G970F) S7 (G930F-G930W8-G930K-G930L-G930S) S7+ (G935F-G935W8-G935K-G935S-G935L) S6 Edge (G925F-G925Y) A10 (A105F) A20 (A205F-A205G) A20E (A202F) A30 (A305F -A305G) A30S (A307FN-A307GN) A40 (A405FN) A40S (A3050) A50 (A505F-A505FN-A505G-A505U) A51 (A515F) M20 (M205F-M205FN-M205G-M205M) M21 (M215F) M30 (A3050-A3051-A3058-A305F) C9 PRO (C9000) A8+ (A730F) A8 2018 (A530N-A530W-A530F) A8 2016 (A810F-A810YZ-A810S) A7 2017 (A720F-A720S) A7 2018 (A750F-A750FN-A750G-A750GN) A6 (A600F-A600FN -A600P-A600A-A600G-A600P-A600T1 ) A5 2017 (A520F-A520K-A520L-A520S-A520W) A3 2016 (A310F) A3 2017 (A320F-A320FL-A320Y) A2 CORE (A260G-A260F) J2 Core (J260A-J260F-J260G-J260M-J260T1) J7 2018 (J737U) J7 Duo (J720F) J7 Prime2 (G611F-G611FF-G611K-G611M-G611MT) J3 2018 (J337AZ-J337P-J337T-J337U-J337VPP-J337W) J3 Prime 2017 (J327T-J327T1) J4 (J400F-J400G-J400M-J400GF) J6 (J600F-J600FN) J7 Pro (J730F-J730FM-J730G-J730GM) J7 Prime (G610F-G610M-G6110Y) J7 Prime 2017 (J727T1-J727T-J727R4-J727V-J727A-J727AZ-J727P-J727VPP) J7 Core (J701F) J7 Neo (J701M) J7 (J700F-J700H-J700M-J700P-J700T-J700T1) J5 Pro (J530F-J530G-J530Y-J530FM-) J5 Prime (G570Y-G570F-G570M) Tab A (T580-T585-P580) Tab Advanced2 (T583) Tab Pro 12.2 (T900) On5 (G550T1) Xcover (G889A) Xcover 4 (G390F-G390Y) View2 (T927A) . FRP ON : OEM ON Any Bit All supported and Tested 100% Working ???? Huawei Supported Devices : AGS2-**** ALP-****** ANA-****** ANE-****** AQM-****** ART-****** ASK-****** BAC-****** BAH2-***** BAH3-***** BKL-****** BLA-****** BND-****** BZT-****** CLT-******* CMR-****** COL-****** COR-***** D-02K DNN-**** DUK-**** EBG-**** ELE-**** ELS-**** EML-**** EVR-**** FIG-**** FLA-**** GLK-**** HDL-**** HDN-**** HLK-**** HMA-**** HRY-**** HWI-**** INE-**** JDN2-**** JKM-**** JNY-**** JSN-**** LDN-**** LIO-**** LLD-**** LON-**** LP-L09 LRA-**** LYA-**** MAR-**** MHA-**** MRX-**** Marie-L21BX NE-TL00 NEO-**** OXF-**** OXO-**** PAR-**** PCT-**** PIC-**** POT-**** PPA-**** RNE-**** RVL-**** SCM-**** SCMR-**** SEA-**** SHT-**** SNE-**** SPL-**** SPN-**** STF-**** STK-**** TAH-**** TAS-**** TNY-**** VCE-**** VKY-**** VOG-**** VRD-**** VTR-**** WLZ-**** YAL-**** All Kirin Supported Android 8,9,10. Huawei Qualcomm Devices : AGS-**** ATU-**** AUM-**** BAH-**** CPN-**** DLI-**** KOB-**** LDN-**** SLA-**** TRT-*** EDL Supported Android 7,8 . LG Supported Devices : X Venture (LG-H700 Stylus2 4G (LG-K535) Stylus2 Plus (LG-K535n) Harmony (LG-M257) K10 Power (LG-M320) X Charge (LG-M322-M327) Stylo 3 Plus (LG-M470-M470F) Q6 (LG-M700-M703) X V (LG-M710-M710ds) G Pad IV 8.0 FHD LTE (LG-P530L) K20 Plus (LG-TP260) Stylo 3 Plus (LG-TP450) X charge (LG-US601) Q6 (LG-US700) X V (LG-US701) G Pad X2 8.0 Plus (LG-V530) Prime || (LG-X170fTV) Bello || (LG-X170g) Fiesta 2 LTE (LGL163BL-LGL164VL) K30 (LGL322DL) GRACE LTE (LGL59BL) Fiesta LTE (LGL63BL-LGL64VL) X300 (LGM-K120K-K120L-K120S) Q6 (LGM-X600K-X600L-X600S) K20 Plus (LGMP260) Stylo 3 Plus (LGMP450) Aristo (LGMS210) LG it (LGV36) Phoenix 4 (LM-X210APM) Fortune 2 (LM-x210CM-X210CMR) X2 (LM-X210K-X210L-X210S) Aristo 3 (LM-X220) Aristo 4+ (LM-X320) Premier Pro (LM-X410(FG) (FGN)) K11 (LM-X410F) K30 (LM-X410PM-LG-X410UM) K40 (LM-X420) X charge (LM-X510FG) X5 (LM-X510L) X Power2 (LM-X510WM) Premier Pro (LML413DL-LML414DL) K20 V (VS501) Supported Android 6,7 Sony Supported Devices : Xperia XA1 (G3112-G3116-G3121-G3123-G3125) Xperia L1 (G3311-G3312-G3313) Xperia L2 (H3311-H3321-H4311-H4331) Xperia L3 (l3312-l3322-l4312-l4332) Following Chipset Can Be Done Too MSM8909, MSM8916, MSM8917, MSM8937, MSM8939, MSM8940, MSM8952, MSM8953, MT6580, MT6737,MT6739, MT6753 . Like ( Huawei, ZTE, Lenovo, Motorola, HTC, Vivo, Asus any device has those Chipsets ????

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